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[Working Title] – A Crowd-funding project to fund a new composition from Emmy & Bafta award  winning composer, John Altman.  (Press the [Working Title] logo to the right to go to our Kickstarter page.)

At our 'The Snowman' Concert we found that many families had never seen an orchestra before, with some of the children (and adults!) having no idea what some of the instruments were. We did an impromptu introduction to musical instruments which went down a storm!

This year, we thought it would be great to have our own modern composition and we are extremely lucky and fabulously excited that John Altman (Titanic, GoldenEye, Life of Brian) has agreed to help us!

So please pledge today, get yourself a fabulous reward like #4 (2 hours of John's music for only £18, $29.50), and give our community, amateur, orchestra the chance to work with a major Hollywood talent! And help us educate a generation brought up on MTV, YouTube, game and film music about musical instruments and how they work together within an orchestra.

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